Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Temple was so amazing! I am so happy we got married in the salt lake temple! I am so grateful we got married in the temple! There is no way we wouldn't be as happy as we are now if we did it any other way! I would like to thank everyone my parents, Craig's parents, my sister lyndsie and ty and everyone else around us that were examples to us.. We really got where we did with all the support in our lives. It was a long hard journey but It was totally worth the wait! I love the church, and the temple, and I love All my families! The levins, and now the Evans! Thanks everyone for being here for us and helping us get this far! Love Ya! 

My sister Lyndsie and I did these story boards for my center pieces for the reception.. They turned out so cute! Im so grateful I have a awesome sister who will do anything for me, I call her and she is there! Thanks lynds.. 

Everyone... Sad Story... Well first of all I apologize that I have been the biggest slacker.. I know you have all been waiting soo long to look at my blog. why? Because I Craig and I are the coolest people you all know!! Well I had to start over :( Because the blonde I am, I forgot my dang passwords, my logins, etc.. So to update this blog, Im going to start with my some of my Bridals, The Engagements and the Wedding.. So have a fun time looking!!